Saturday, June 13, 2015

What I Learned From the Conversations with Anthony Capps

Anthony sounds like he is an amazing teacher. He has a lot of useful advice and tips on how to be a successful teacher in the 21st Century. He is very passionate about what he does. He uses technology and project based learning in the classroom as a way to keep his students engaged and interested in learning.
Project Based Learning:

In the video,Project Based Learning Part 1, Anthony talks about how projects should not only be used as a way to see if a child has learned something, but also should be used as a way to teach something. It is important for teachers to make this shift in project based learning, because it is a great way for the students to own their own learning and be proud of their work. The project must include all of the information that you want them to learn for them to be able to complete the project. It should involve an audience, for them to be able to show their work, so they are rewarded for the work that they do. The students need to be interested in the project; make it relevant to their lives. Have the project be connected to the community so that the kids can see the connection that it has to the real world. An example of project based learning that Anthony had his class do was where they studied the culture of Afghanistan. Each student would pick a topic to study. They end up studying several different aspects of the culture. Some studied the fashion, food, religion, etc.

iCurio: This is a way for students to safely do research. iCurio is a filtered search engine that is made for educational purposes. Anthony goes into more detail about it in his conversation with Dr. Strange in the video, iCurio. This is a great way to protect your students from things that they do not need to see on the internet. I have never heard of iCurio until Anthony explained it. I am very excited to use it in the classroom. It is a great tool to have to make sure the students stay on task and do what they need to be doing.

Discovery Ed:

This is a great resource for teachers to help bring a visual to what they are teaching the kids. If you are not as good at a certain subject you can pull up videos of experts teaching the subject, which allows the students to get the best possible explanation of what you want them to know. As Anthony says in the video,about Discovery Ed, students remember things a lot better if they can see it, hear it, and watch it being done.

The Anthony- Strange Tips For Teachers
1. Be a constant learner. To be a successful educator you must always be learning. Whether it be new ways to teach things or new thing to teach. Learning is key, not just for the students but for teachers as well.
2. It is hard work, but it is very rewarding. This goes back to learning. You must alway challenge yourself to be a better teacher, and to do that you must work hard at. Researching new things, trying out different methods. The outcome and success that you see in your students is worth the long days and nights in the end.
3. Flexibility. Things are going to go wrong, so you have to be able to adjust and move forward if things do not go as planned.
4. Start with a goal. This will help you get the job done without getting overwhelmed.
5. Engage 100% of the students all of the time with all of the projects. Make sure you stay relevant with the topics and make them interesting. If you do this the students will enjoy learning and doing the projects.
6. Reflection. Reflecting, revising, and sharing work with an audience is a very good way to make sure the project is done to the best of the students ability. If they do their best, check over it, share it and let others critique it, it should be successful.

Teaching vs. Using Teaching Technology:
According to Anthony in the video, Use Tech Don't Teach It, you should never teach technology. You should use technology and the students will learn on their own. Focus on using one type of technology at a time, and let the students ask questions as they need help.

In the video, on Additional Thoughts About Lessons, Anthony says that there are 4 main things you need to focus on when it comes to lessons.
1. Year. Figure out how you are going to cover all of the content that you need to in the year.
2. Unit. Stretch things out to make sure they are mastered.
3. Week. Revise your week as you go to make sure you get everything you need to get done.
4. Day. Make sure you have something to keep them engaged and keep their attention.
This is a great way to look at it. If you stay focused on what you need to get done like this it will help you with organization and keep you from leaving anything out. This way will help you get the important things done.


  1. "It is important for teachers to make this shift in project based learning, because it is a great way for the students to own their own learning and be proud of their work. " I definitely agree! Good job!

  2. Students connecting with the project is a great way to get them motivated. I like the idea of using iCurio in the classroom because it protects the students. An editing suggestion is changing ‘bot’ to ‘not’ in “...that they do bot need to see…” I may have just been the slip of the finger. I enjoyed reading your post!

  3. Kristen, I agree with everything you said about Anthony Capps. I believe he is an interesting teacher. I love the way he stressed being organized. It taught me something.

  4. Great post! I loved the video on lesson plans as well. I never looked at it like that until now!