Saturday, June 20, 2015

C4Ta #2

I found Beth Knittle's blog to be very interesting and helpful.

In her post, Updating the Diploma, she discusses the importance of school and how it is not just the diploma that students should be working for. She says that something has to change in our schools today to better prepare students for the real world.

My comment:
I agree with your statement. The things I learned in high school were helpful to pass tests to get to the next grade. However, there should be much more to education than that. Pushing students along isn't helping anyone in the long run. Teaching is supposed to be about helping someone become a better person and leave your classroom with a deeper knowledge and understanding, not just a good enough grade to move on. Students need more teachers that are willing to go the extra mile to give them the tools and skills the need to succeed in the real world.

Her post, Updating the Curriculum, is about the need for a change in the curriculum that is needed in our schools  today. Schools no longer offer classes such as home economics and shop, but they are offering more foreign language classes and coding, mobile app design, broadcasting, etc. She discusses that these are the kinds of classes we need in all of our schools. Then she asks this question: How are your schools addressing the need for change?

My comment:
I agree, it is a necessary change that needs to be made. I have heard great things about Gulf Shores Elementary school. They are very up to date on using technology. They have completely changed their way of teaching, and they have been very successful. Kindergarteners are able to make iMovies and use Alabama Virtual Library, which is amazing to me.