Sunday, June 7, 2015

Establishing my Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network:

To begin the journey in creating my own personal learning network, I started by watching Youtube videos, and reading blog posts about PLNs. I found that this a very simple thing to do. The only thing you really need to get started on your PLN is the desire to be a life long learner and a computer with internet access. There are so many resources on the web for teachers; so many experienced teachers posting very useful tips and advice on how to become a better teacher. I also never realized how useful twitter could be for educational purposes. I have begun reading tweets from educators who also post useful advice and information for teachers.,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHwFgDFzqAp0QXM05pNOUEihZ3MPA&ust=1433806655327451

After finding a few blogs to subscribe to and people to follow on twitter, I decided to check out Symbaloo, and I absolutely love it. You literally have everything at your fingertips. You can make links to blogs that you enjoy reading, a link to your own personal blog, you can basically save a link to anything that you want to. On this site you can get to everything you need without having to actually type it in and find it every time. I made a little section for EDM310, with links to my blog, the class blog, the master checklist, and I am still adding as I think of things that I need to add. I never knew something like this existed. This is a great way to keep everything organized and it's so simple. I cannot wait to expand my PLN.


  1. I checked out Symbaloo and absolutely love it. I love the way all the websites are on one page. Before doing this assignment, I didn't know Symbaloo existed.Great Post!

  2. "This is a great way to keep everything organized and it's so simple." I love to be organized and this was a great way for me to organize blogs that I follow. It is also a great resource.

    Well written.