Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Peer Editing

A peer is someone that is your age. Editing is making comments and suggestions about writing. Peer editing is when you help someone your own age make corrections to their work. The first step in editing someone else's writing is compliments. You need to make sure you let the writer know what you liked about their writing. It is very important to stay positive while peer editing. Next is suggestions; this could be about word choice, details, organization, sentences structure, or topics. Make suggestions on things that they should change to make their writing better. Then you make corrections. Make sure they've used correct grammar, punctuation, sentences, and spelling.

It is important to follow each step in peer editing to make sure it is done correctly. The most important rule is to stay positive. Think about how you would want someone to give you advice. You cannot be mean or negative about someone's writing. Your job is to simply give them advice on how to make it better, not make them change it to the way you want it. It is also important to make sure you stay on task, and not get distracted talking about other things.


  1. I agree that when editing, you should never change someones thoughts and ideas. Peer editors should help them in a positive way that will help them become better writers and develop enjoyment in their writing.

  2. Well written! Don't forget your links and alt/title modifiers!