Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#7 Technology In Elementary Schools

Six Videos About Using Technology In the Classroom:,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNHCfs9uim4Kyr_rb0zk4fKzqCShRg&ust=1434680542152506

 In the video, Using iMovie and Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten, Michele Bennett and Elizabeth Davis discuss with Dr. Strange the way that kindergarten classes at Gulf Shores Elementary and Daphne Elementary use iMovie and Alabama Virtual Library. It is amazing what kindergarteners can do with technology when they are given the opportunity. This way of teaching allows the students to teach themselves by practicing and experiencing things on their own. Kindergarten students are making book trailers using iMovie at Gulf Shores Elementary; writing their own scripts, and editing their work. At Daphne Elementary kindergarten students  are using Alabama Virtual Library to conduct research and they love doing it.

The video,  We All Become Learners, discusses the fact that the students are not the only ones who are learning in schools now. Working with technology is so natural for the younger generations and they are able to pick up thing a lot quicker than many people even in their twenties. Kids are able to figure things out on their devices and teach that information to their teachers. Teachers should love teaching their students but they should also love when their students teach them things.

A 2nd grade class at Gulf Shores Elementary School make a presentation on flowers and presents it to a 1st grade class. This is such a great project. These students become the teachers which is helping them develop all kinds of skill that will be helpful to their future. Such as, public speaking skills and  creativity that will help them as they go to college and enter the real world. This also allows the 1st graders to see the enthusiasm the older kids have about learning and doing projects. This should motivate them to want to have the same excitement and interest in learning. Check out the video, Mrs. Shirley and Ms.Lauber's Students Collaborate to see this project in action.

In the video, Career Day Taylor, the students are each dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up. They each tell what they want to be and why. This is a great project because it gets the students thinking about what they want to do in the future and all of their options.

In Dr. Strange's interview with two 2nd grade students from Gulf Shores Elementary, two girls discussed a project that they did on sea turtles. This project was a presentation done on Keynote, which they enjoyed doing because they learned a lot. They had to do their own research for the project using Alabama Virtual Library. They were able to tell step by step how to find pictures for the project and what to do with them. It is incredible how much these students enjoy learning and how much they know about using technology.

Ms. Lauber's class made an iMovie about Planet Earth in which the student gave facts about earth. This projects allow the students to own their own learning. They find the facts and pictures for the movie and I believe this would help them remember it better than a teacher just telling them about it.


  1. "Learning Never Ends!"

    Thoughtful. Interesting. Well done.

  2. I did not watch the video, Mrs. Shirley and Ms.Lauber's Students Collaborate, but it sounds great. I think that anything that helps get students interested or engaged in learning is great. I too watched the video of Dr. Strange interviewing the two girls and I thought it was incredible how they could give step by step instructions about how to do their project.

  3. I agree, I thought the Career Day video was great and it was also an awesome project for the kids to do. Great post! It was very thorough!

  4. Very nice detail. Great post!