Wednesday, June 3, 2015

C4Ta- Arvind S. Grover

21 Apples Blog, by Arvind S. Grover

Summary of the blog post #1:

This post was about the way you talk to your students. Keeping a positive attitude when dealing with students is the best way to handle a situation. Watch how you word things and make sure you never use sarcasm, at any age.

 My comment:
Thank you for this reminder. Sarcasm seems harmless but you never know how it will make someone feel, especially if you continually use sarcasm. At first it may seem playful, but over time it may come across as being mean and this could ruin your relationship with students or co-workers. Summary of blog post: If you're not sure where you students stand in the class or what they need help with, try this activity: Have the students write on a sheet of paper 1. Name 2. What is one idea from today's class that you feel like you really understood well? 3. What is one idea from today's class that you need more help with? 4. What is one question you would like me to explain next class? Then have them turn it in as an exit slip. This can be done once or for an entire week. My comment: This seems like a great way to get feed back from your students. They can be honest about what they have learned and even tell what they feel like needs to be improved in the class. I will have to try this when I become a teacher.

Summary of blog post #2:

Teachers need to observe in other classrooms to get ideas for changes that they could make to improve their own class. It is important to have a teacher role model and always want to be a better teacher.

My comment:
This is a great reminder. Often times teachers feel like they have it all together, and they know everything they need to know to teach their students. But they don't realize that students change, and as they change teachers must adapt to to the change. Observing other teachers and finding a role model teacher is a great way to better yourself and use different strategies to become a better teacher. Teaching can be done by anyone, but teaching effectively can only be done teachers who keep an open mind and apply new strategies of teaching.


  1. I love how you set up your post with the summary and then made your comment noticeable. I think you need a title to your post because it was hard for me to realize what I was reading. Also I would make it known that it was two separate articles. Other than those two things, great read and wish I could read them for myself because they seem very interesting.