Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Post #10- What We Can Learn From Ms. Kathy Cassidy's Class

The video, Little Kids... Big Potential, from Ms. Cassidy's first grade class is so inspiring. Seeing children so excited about writing a blog post is such a wonderful example of what project based learning will do for your students. These first graders know more about technology than most adults. They are able to write blogs and they are excited to do this because they can share what they write with the whole world. Blogging is also a great way for the students' family to stay updated on their child's progress throughout the school year. The students were happy to receive comments on their blog posts; this gives them a sense of pride in their work, and will challenge them to want to do better.

I want to use blogging in my classroom when I become a teacher. I believe that blogging is a great way for children to express themselves and share their personal ideas, experiences, opinions. This a great way for children to keep up with their work. Blogging can be used in class and at home. For the older grades I would have my students post about each subject
that we cover. This will be beneficial to them as they go to the next grade, they can always look back and review what they have learned.

The only thing that I feel like I would have a problem with is that working with technology may cause distractions. However, like Ms. Cassidy said in one of her interviews with Dr. Strange, you have to educate your students on how to use the internet. Let them know ahead of time what they should and should not be doing on the computers. Make sure they know the consequences of straying from the assignment.

Ms. Kathy Cassidy gives such great advice in her interviews with Dr. Strange.  I am already working on my personal learning network by using twitter to get ideas, like she mentions in the interview. I love how passionate she is about the use of technology in the classroom.

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  1. I also plan on using blogging in my classroom. As a secondary english major, I feel this would benefit my students in several ways. I could see why you are skeptical with working with technology because they may cause distractions. But I feel when it is used effectively, it won't be as much of a distraction as you think. Great post overall!

  2. Mrs. Cassidy's students seemed very excited to post in their blogs. This is also something I plan to use in my future classroom. Good post,