Friday, July 3, 2015

C4T #3
In John Spencer's blog post Seven Stages in Moving from Consuming to Creating, he discusses the stages students go through to eventually get to the point where they are coming up with their own ideas. These stages are:
1. Exposure
2. Active consuming
3. Critical consuming
4. Curating
5. Copying
6. Mash-ups
7. Creating

My comment:
 Yes, creativity seems to be one of the hardest things to pull out of students. They must be scared to express themselves and think outside of the box. I like how you list the stages that students move through, they are very accurate to me. It takes them so long to get to the point where they are using their own ideas to create something new.

In Spencer's blog post Go Make Something, he addresses that teachers need to become makers. If you see something you don't like in the school, fix it, do something about it. Teachers know what is best for their students and they should do everything they can to make things better for them. He also discusses the risks of being a maker (e.g. failure, upsetting people, limitations), and the benefits of being  maker (e.g. fun, serve others, test what works)

My comment:
Very inspiring. Teachers do need to become makers, for the sake of their students. Teachers need to become more bold and take risks for the benefit of their classrooms. I can remember the teachers that I had in high school who were makers and the ones who were not. Makers  are definitely the ones who leave a lasting impact, for sure. When I become a teacher, I plan to become a maker. Thanks!

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  1. The younger kids are the freer they are in their imaginations. Do schools in general cause them to become less creative by rote memory assignments, practice, and assessment?

    "... I plan to become a maker. " Great!