Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What About EDM 310?

Some students have told me how they feel about EDM 310. They said that it would be very hard and stressful. They said that Dr. Strange was unfair with his grades and he does not teach and that you have to teach yourself. They said it was horrible and the worst class they ever had to take. However, my husband, who is now a teacher, took this class in 2010 and he told me that it was a very rewarding class. I was confused at his response about the class because of the horror stories I have heard. He said that it is a very helpful course and that I will learn a lot that will help me when I become a teacher. He said although it is a very time-consuming class it is worth it in the end. He said as long as you do your work on time and keep a positive attitude you will do fine in the class.

A fear that I have about EDM 310 is the fact that I am a procrastinator. I feel like I will have trouble keeping up with the assignments, especially because I'm taking this course in the summer and we will have to work at a much faster pace. I also fear that I will let my group members down. I know I am capable of doing the assignments, but working with a group scares me because I know that they are counting on me as a big part of their grade as well. Even though I am nervous about these things, I am looking forward to getting over this feeling and getting rid of the habit of procrastination. I love a good challenge and I know that this class will definitely challenge me to become a better person in the long run.

I feel like EDM 310 will be different than most classes that I have taken in college and high school. This class requires self learning. The classes that I am used to, the teachers teach the material, I memorize what they taught, and take a test and move on. As Dr. Strange said, teachers are used to using the burp back method of teaching. He does not use that method at all and requires you to actually learn the material of his course. I did take an AP English class in high school that changed my way of thinking. It made me want to be a better student, and I feel like I have. It was the hardest class I have ever taken, until now. EDM 310 may be the hardest class I will ever take, but it may also end up being one of the most rewarding. The English class was excruciating while doing the work, but it was also very fun and interesting along the way. That's how I feel EDM 310 will be, we will have to work very hard and do our best, but we will also enjoy ourselves as we learn new ways of using technology.

I feel like it will be difficult for me to teach myself. Also, keeping up with the assignments and doing them on time will be a struggle because it is so fast paced. As I said earlier I am a procrastinator, but I feel like this class will force me to get out of that old habit. The best way to address the difficulty that I may have in this class would be to get used to teaching myself and actually learning the material because I will need this to be a successful teacher. And becoming a successful teacher is my main goal. I also need to remember that Dr. Strange and his lab assistants are available to answer any questions that I have and help me along the way.

I still wonder if I will be able to do what is expected of me in this course. But I plan on doing my best and staying on top of the assignments to make sure that I earn an A in this course.

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  1. I received the same response from people when I asked about this class. It's hard, it's a lot of work, don't take Dr. Strange, he critic's everything. I had one person tell me that I will have fun in the class. In the beginning these things made me fear taking this class. But like every other class required for education majors, you have to take them. I am a big procrastinator also. I know that this is something that you can over come. Just stay positive and focused. Don't wait until the last minute, try to get started ahead of time. These are things that I am also working on. You have to teach yourself in this class and I believe that by the end of this semester we all will have enjoyed this class and how much we have learned in this class.